Here's what others had to say.

“I always leave your premises feeling younger, taller and altogether more able and free moving. Age has dropped away.”

- Mr Mike Henton (Alwalton)

“Treatment by Jonathan Simmonds has improved my back condition greatly and I am able to get out and about significantly more than I could before seeing him. I have even been able to travel abroad, which was impossible prior to being treated by him.”

- Dr Heather R (Elton)

“Jonathan Simmonds is a skilful and knowledgeable practitioner with a gentle, sympathetic and intelligent manner. I particularly appreciate his willingness to use quite strong techniques when necessary, unlike so many who barely dare to touch their patients, whilst being careful not to take any risks. I have considerable confidence in his ability over a wide range of conditions.”

- Mr Michael Aubrey (Oundle)

“I was recommended to Jonathan Simmonds for help with a long standing shoulder and back problem. He has an amazing ability to totally understand exactly how the various parts of the anatomy impact on each other. Whenever I have an issue with my back I am confident that after only one treatment and a little patience I will be fully mobile again. I am happy to recommend his services.”

- Mrs Heather Smith (County Councillor)

“Jon, thankfully, picked up his phone number in my hour of need one weekend a couple of years ago and I have been a loyal client ever since, recommending him to anyone who asks if I know of a good osteopath. I have been able to run in a straight line thank to Jon's expertise!”

- Louise Passam (Police Inspector)